Explore our Low volume fabrication services and manufacture quality products locally.

We offer mold making and casting services along with low volume additive manufacturing and assembly. All of our fabrication services benefit from our same professional finishing and post-processsing material techniques. Some of our visuals will propulse your products into the market.

Fabrication additive de série | Moulage RIM basse pression


With our multi-disciplinary team and collaborators, we take the hardware fabrication part by producing multiple copies of your prototype. You can test efficiently your products in real market conditions and iterate quickly on your next batch. No more MOQ’s of 1000 units !

Fabrication additive de série | Moulage RIM basse pression

Reaction Injection molding is a process where a two parts polymer is mixed together to produce a curing reaction. The mixture is then injected under low pressure into a mold. Molded parts could be produced with metal , ceramic , transluscent and glass effects. These effects are repetable and reproducable with accuracy,

It all starts with a physcial part (3D printed or CNC machined) finished properly via polishing. Afterwards, we construct the mold by using high grade silicone while choosing a convenient shore hardness to enable demold. Then we constrain the object inside a boundary box that prevents uncured silicone from penetrating in specific areas. A pressure chamber is then used to remove bubbles and create a high-quality mold ready for production. We use Smooth-On’s material library to achieve high fidely molds and casts.

low volume manufacturing of wall sconces

RIM Molding of a semi-translucid material

Low volume 3D printing offers good turn around times while remaining a cheap option for product to market fit testing. Low Volume Additive manufacturing gives great flexibility in the product developement process. Batch to batch iterations are made quickly enough to satisfy product development milestones.

With all parts we manufacture , we offer custom surface post-processing with the right surface finish and color matching. We offer textures and colors that will fulfill any creative need you or your team would like to explore. Contact- us to discuss more about our options available and the cost associated with each.


Our finishing services are available on most of our additive manufacturing materials.

Frequently asked questions

We consider low-volume fabrication for any order of more than 2 replicas. For molding and casting services the MOQ might be higher due to some polymers and silicones being only offered in 1 gallon variations. In such cases, we will communicate with you the best quantity to optimize your spending.

Generally speaking with same part features and geometries it is cheaper to go for a silicone mold when exceeding 10 replicas and more of the same part. It is important to note that certain geometries or features cannot be molded and vice-versa. Also, materials wise, when using molding and casting we have much more flexibility in obtaining specific shore hardnesses or finishing textures. Contact us and we will be glad to help you choose the right fit for your application

We can fabricate the mold and all castings (replicas) required. If you have the right equipment at your facility we can make the silicone mold and then you take care of making the required casts. Certain materials requires a professional vacuum degassing chamber and a pressure chamber in order to remain bubble free.

We can certai a fabrication with multiple steps involved. Generally speaking it takes between 5-10 days between the parts are manufactured and the first molds is made. Some special materials could require up to a week of cure time in order to get full specs in datasheets. Casting using a mold could take between 15 min up to 24h depending on the material type used. In one word: It all depends on the resin types choosen and we will guide you to the appropriate materials for your application.

This depends on functionalities of parts and mold composition. Generally speaking a one parts mold starts at a 100$ and could go up to a couple of thousands. Also note that there is a price for initial mold and a price for castings made out of each mold.

Depending on material and technology you have selected, you can expect a volume price discount from 10 to 15% percent when producing 3 same parts or more.

Some geometries require multi-step fabrication and therefore it can take several days from the time the part is fabricated and sanded, polished and treated. Generally, it takes 5 to 10 working days for the production of molds and thereafter each piece produced can take as little as 15 minutes and up to 24 hours. It all depends on the characteristics of the resins that are chosen.

We use the smooth-on line of products for all of our resins and special effects. You can consult Smooth-On’s website for technical data using their silicones and materials.


Need to speed up volume of production without going full scale? We have innovatif solutions to meet growing demande while keeping agile. We post-process, label and pack your production aswell. All of this under one roof.

Need to 3D print a part ?

Use our online quoting tool to order your parts. Choose materials, finishing or post-processing service and get your parts delivered in under 48h.