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Good design solves a problem and bad design will create one. This is the essence of our approach when brainstorming design approach. With design for manufacturing in my mind, we start by establishing a list of features or requirements our design has to offer/solve and then we incorporate this list with a lean manufacturing approach. Each milestone is then carefully iterated with key decision makers in  the loop.

Our CAD specialists start by establishing key milestones with validating points on each design request they get. Afterwards, we stretch those milestones across time to enable a realistic and accurate project delivery. Once the first prototype or rendering is produced we work with the client on a iterative approach where we include key decision makers in the heart of design based decision making. Our CAd clients are engineers,artists, project managers, scientists, hobyists and hard working entrepreneurs looking for a turn key solution in design for manufacturing.

SIX-Wheel drive conveyor belt probing rover

For Allprototype, all CAD design has to be precise problem solving

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Solutions de CAO - Services de conception 3D et de fabrication

Automatic Liquid fertilizer dispenser system

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Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on project complexity and scope. You can budget from 30 to 70$ per hour for all of our in-house expertise. Afterwards, you need to factor in Fabrication services using 3D printing or other workflows. Once we understand your requirement, we provide a detailed quotation with price brackets for each milestone

You , the client. All work including design and fabrication remains your intellectual property and we never mention your project to other parties unless we have obtained authorisation on your behalf.

Sure, you can use out template here or upload a template in your initial quote message and we will sign it before discussing specifics.

No, you can take the .stl and all CAd files and go for production with your preferred service provider. However, we recommend always keeping a closed loop between manufacturing and design providers in order to quickly iterate on any design features needing to be upgraded.

No problem, If we havent already started this milestone, all changes required could be done at no extra . For certain feature changes requiring more work, we provide a new quote with reflecting the extra work required.

It always depends on your market type. Usually multiple 3D renderings and an exploded assembly view is what most projects require in order to have a minimum viable product (MVP) to test the market. We work with a lean approach and encourage our customers to do so.

It depends on the scope and complexity of deliverables. Also, if a large team is involved in the product developement cycle. After receiving all parts/specs, we are usually able to send out some renderings a couple of days after contract has started. We always keep you in the loop with regular weekly time sheets detailing accomplishements based on milestones agreed on.

We only work on realistic projects from our understandings. We can guarantee some features when all information is communicated while some work may qualify as R&D work. In all cases, we will communicate with you on project feasability once we understand your application.