Additive mannufacturing

3D print in less than 48 hours !

With more than 13 3D printers , we are ready to start prototype production and short run manufacturing using FDM, SLS and SLA 3D printing technology. Delivery in less than 48 hours in the greater montreal area. On demande post-processing and part finishing available.

Impression 3D à Montréal

Get quality 3D printed parts in less than 48 hours.

*Only on FDM orders of 200$ or less. Additional delay for complex parts.

Additive manufacturing technologies and materials

Submit your .stl files

Upload your 3D files , select material and finishing. Get an instant quote track print progression.

Approve and 3D print.

We review your files and ask for final approval. Once parts are manufactured, we provide pictures before sending them out.

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Receive your package at home or office. We also offer rush production and shipping for some orders.

Additive manufacturing technologies and materials


Fused deposition modeling. This is the mainstream 3D printing technology and is the most cost-efficient solution for most prototyping applications. Multiple materials properties and colors available with up to 1 m3 of printing volume.

FDM 3D printing properties

0.5% tolerance and max printing size of 1000x1000x1000mm

Soluble support structures for complex models.

PLA, ABS, Nylon , PETG, ASA and TPU available.

Infill of 20% by default, Could go higher.

Recycle your old prints and get 15% off by using a coupon

Custom finishing and post-processing options.


Stereolithography consists of a laser moving around to polymerize a resin inside a vat container. This process can produce very complex parts with intricate details. A wide selection of materials with high details is achievable. Absolute clarity is possible using post-processing methods.

SLA 3D printing properties

Dimensional tolerances of +/- 0.15mm. Max print size of 150mm x 143mm x 137mm

Uses less supports than FDM for complex geometries.

GP resin available, Tough 2000, Flexible 80A and crystal clear TUFF.

100% infill. Could create cavities for fluid visualisation.

Special finishing such as crystal clear and mineral gloss.

Transluscent and Translucid effects achievable.


Selective laser sintering uses a laser to raster a powder into a solid segment. The laser beam is controlled via a deflection system. The entire stack of layers is bonded together to produce a very solid part. The finish is usually rugged and we use Nylon PA12.

SLS 3D printing properties

Dimensional tolerances of +/- 0.20mm. Max print size of 159x159x295mm

No supports needed. Certain close cavities will be filled with powder if no drainage holes in design.

Nylon PA 12 available (Black and White)

Infill of 100%. Could create organic forms easily with no supports.

Grainy rugged finish. Custom finishing availble.

Need a Specific finish

Professional finishing and coloring services

Post-processing offered to make a part stand out in metal, bronze, aluminium, ceramic or wood. We have a solid in-house expertise for treating and achieving special effects with your parts. Wheter it is absolute clarity or to mimic wood and marble we can help your products get that special look. When placing an order, select a finishing effect in the dropdown and we will contact you to coordinate details. Certain geometries requires some modifications such as splitting in order to treat inside cavities.

Frequently asked Questions

Each 3D printing technology and material has a cost associated. With our online quoting tool, we multiply the final weight of the product by a volumetric factor. Also, there is a fix setup charge for all orders under 100$. Depending on the technology you choose there might be a cost associated with support removal and clean-up. Our online quoting tool will provide you with a price based on your selection

We suggest you fill up the 3D printing quote form and we will get back to you. Also, you can use our online quoting tool and tick the I am not sure case. Concerning surface finish, you can always type in the comments section what type of effect or finish you are looking for and we may be able to propose something.

We use industrial and entreprise level machines such as Ultimakers, Formlabs and Stratasys. A good rule of thumb if not designing press-fit assemblies is to accomodate for a 0.5% dimensional tolerance for FDM, 0.25% for SLS and 0.15% for SLA. This is generally enough to compensate for material shrinkage and accuracy. For example, in FDM for a cube of 100mm , you can expect to get between 99.5mm or 100.5 mm for a total of +/-1mm.

Generaly and for medium sized prints (less than 200mm3 in volume) we can ship parts the next day if order is placed before noon eastern standard time. For larger parts we can expect a 48-72 hour delay between the time order is paid and shipping label is created. We offer rush services for a complimentary fee. Fill out our 3d printing quote form for an estimate.

Yes, some of our clients prototyping multiple assembly parts need to iterate quickly enough through versions before obtaining their final product. In partnership with Plastic industry recyclers we are able to give a second life to your 3d prints and we offer 15% reduction on your next order based on the weight of plastic we recycle from your old prints. Once we receive your old prints and issua a 15% voucher, we then send them to our fab partner and they crush grind the parts give it a second life in other supply chains. Please note, this is only for FDM 3D prints with no usage of post-processing.

We offer multiple types of finish, textures and colors. Metal, bronze, aluminium and ceramic are the most popular. We use aerosols, electro-plating, epoxy coating and small scale hyrdo-printing. When selecting a finish type, we will always communicate with you in order to show some examples of what to expect based on your required texture or color. We work with artists and electro-plating shops which are able to achieve amazing results for all your applications.

If you designed the file, all CAD applications support exports to .stl . if you got the file through a online library, you can use an online converter to make the transition to .stl file extensions. Be sure to select the correct unit size (mm, inch , cm) when converting.

If the issus comes from our side such as bad color, material, dimensions or finishing we will certainly remanufacture your parts at not additional cost. If the problems comes from a bad evaluation of material properties, tolerancing or application specific features, we will orient you to discuss with our application specialist in order to evaluate and asses corretions. If this is the case, no refund or reprint is given for such errors as they are part of the R&D process.